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ITCamp 2013 - community-driven conference on Microsoft technologies
Mihai Tătăran, Tudor Damian

930 So What About Tablets?
Richard Campbell

Richard Campbell brings his 30+ years of experience with computers to bear on the future of business computing. Are tablets just toys? How will the tablet fit into the workplace? Is this the end of the the PC?

Richard addresses these questions with a humorous look back into the history of computers and how that history can impact what happens next. Along the way he'll point out the opportunities that developers have to expand their careers, keep their businesses moving forward and perhaps put a pile of money in your pocket.

1030 Coffee break 1030
1100 The Engaging User Experience & the Natural User Interface
Tim Huckaby

The combination of primary tenants of an engaging user experience and the revolution in the Natural User Interface (NUI) provides a great opportunity for developers to enhance the overall user experience of their applications. As the world of NUI evolves, and revolutionary devices like Kinect for Windows pave the path for gesture and voice controlled interfaces, there is a demand for developers to create increasingly sophisticated user experiences in their applications.

A touch, gesture or voice optimized experience requires developers to think of visual design in a whole new way and demands a new set of usability skills. This demo focused keynote will take an amusing look at the past and take an impressive look at some of the best NUI software being built today and into the immediate future and will even delve into the NUI of the future.

1200 Break 1200
1215 Application ecosystems
Petru Jucovschi

Windows 8 & Windows Phone update and apps development best practices

1315 Lunch 1315
1415 Running Linux on Microsoft Private and Public Cloud infrastructures
Tudor Damian

While until recently, Linux has been a somewhat taboo subject in the Microsoft world, the past few years have seen an increasing growth in the support Microsoft is offering on the interoperability front.

In this session, we'll talk about what it takes to run Linux on Hyper-V or in Windows Azure and how you can virtualize, deploy and manage virtual servers running Linux. We'll also talk about what's officially supported and what actually works when it comes to running Linux on Microsoft infrastructures. You'll find out all the benefits of using a combination of Hyper-V and System Center to automate your management, provisioning and resource monitoring of Linux virtual machines for you or your customers.

Git crash course for Visual Studio devs
Alessandro Pilotti

Since its inception in 2005 Git gained a huge traction and passed the borders of open source well into Microsoft developer's territory, see for example the success of Github. The Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 adds native support for Git in Visual Studio, but don't think that this will be enough to master it, as it's notoriously a though subject that scares the most consumed command line wizards.

In this session you'll see a condensed version of all the lessons I learned the hard way while working on OpenStack, one of the biggest open source projects. As a bonus you'll see how well git can work with your unit tests and continuous integration infrastructure.

Agile Measurements
Dan Nicola

Traditional measures such as Earned Value, Hours Worked, Lines of Code, Code Coverage are not well suited to Agile Projects. But then we are left with the question what are good Agile Metrics? How can we tell a good metric from a bad one? Are there contexts where a good metric is bad?

These are all valid question we will discuss during this session.

1515 Coffee break 1515
1545 Windows Azure Mobile Services
Florin Cardașim

Windows Azure is a platform that evolves continually. One of new advances is Windows Azure Mobile Services, an excellent platform for supporting complex communications with mobile devices.

The presentation will make an overview of this news service offering, with a focus on its Push Notification capabilities.

WinRT deep dive
Raffaele Rialdi

Developing a simple Windows Store application is straightforward. Even if there are a lot of technologies, a large API and new constructs, the developer experience is amazing.

If you are either driven by the curiosity or the need to understand what happens behind the scenes, please join this session to deep dive into some of the most important architectural details of the Windows Runtime such as the anatomy of WinRT components and their lifecycle, the new apartment model, the .NET language projection and many others.

Transact-SQL from 0 to SQL Server 2012
Cristian Lefter

1645 Break 1645
1700 What’s new in Service Pack 1 for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager
Adrian Stoian

Attend this session to find out about new features introduced in Service Pack 1 for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager. We will discuss about changes to the setup and site installation, migration options, client deployment and management, software deployment and content management, monitoring and reporting. We will also discuss about unified management with Windows Intune and Configuration Manager.

Chasing the one codebase, multiple platforms dream
Lorant Domokos

The device and OS landscape has changed a lot in the past few years, and it's not done changing yet. We often need to hit all of these different form factors and environments while also being prepared for the future. We want to do this with the least amount of effort and do it so that every platform delivers the best possible user experience. In this session we will examine an attempt to achieve all of this with a single codebase using HTML5.

We will explore how new age libraries like Knockout, Durandal, Breeze, jQuery Mobile can help us do that, how PhoneGap packages and deploys our app neatly to all platforms and how TypeScript allows us to truly write safe and maintainable JavaScript code. We will answer questions such as: What is the performance like (on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8)? Is the UX good enough? How much code can we actually reuse?

2 AM. A disaster just began...
Tobiasz Koprowski

2AM. We are sleeping well. And our mobile ringing and ringing. Message: DISASTER! In this session (on slides) we are NOT talk about potential disaster (such BCM); we talk about: What happened NOW? Which tasks should have been finished BEFORE. Does virtual or physical SQL matter?

We talk about systems, databases, peoples, encryption, passwords, certificates and users. In this session (on few demos) I'll show which part of our SQL Server Environment are critical and how to be prepared to disaster. In some documents I'll show You how to be BEST prepared.

Private & Public Cloud
(Verdi Hall)
Development & Mobile
(Vivaldi Hall)
Architecture & Best Practices
(Toscanini Hall)
Private & Public Cloud
(Verdi Hall)
Development & Mobile
(Vivaldi Hall)
Architecture & Best Practices
(Toscanini Hall)
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900 Building Elastic, Autoscalable Solutions with Windows Azure
Mihai Tătăran

In this session, learn how to implement true elasticity for your Windows Azure solutions. See how to automate the scaling of your Worker/Web Role instances depending on predictable usage patterns. Whether you expect high load during business hours and low load during the nights, or have different resource allocation needs, this session on using the Enterprise Library Integration Pack for the Windows Azure Autoscale Application Block shows you how your Windows Azure solutions can achieve higher levels of elasticity.

HTML 5 apps with LightSwitch
Melania Danciu

Lets start seeing Business Applications in a different Light!

The Light Switch team proposed a new way of building Business Applications with HTML and Java Script. What they say is to focus on the important things like data base structure, user interaction and user experience and not on the links between our data layer, middle layer and UI layer.

With this in mind, this session will show how easy it is to build an application which makes the lives easy to a lot of people: designers, developers and last but not least, the users.

Agile Project Management with Team Foundation Server
Martin Kulov

Every software engineer today has to do some or lots of software project management. It could be managing work items assigned to you, do some backlog grooming or manage sprints and team capacity. It is here to say and it is important to know your tools before start applying it.

In this session you will learn how agile methodologies map into Team Foundation Server and latest updates in the area. Learn tips and tricks from the field that you can apply at work tomorrow.

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1030 Windows Azure Rocks: Broadcasting music to the world
Andy Cross

Using modern web technologies, Andy will demonstrate how to synchronise clients to effectively broadcast Spotify music through a fully legal mechanism, globally, with low latency in a global cloud application.

The tool will be demonstrated with an architectural and software development overview, detailing the server push approach used in the application. Sharing music; the beauty of a good software architecture using modern web technologies and the cloud.

Web; HTML5; JS; Spotify; Signalr; ASP.NET; Cloud; Azure Websites

Developing for Windows 8 with F# and WebSharper
Adam Granicz

Do you want to develop Windows 8 applications with type safety but also want to integrate with your favorite JavaScript libraries? Come to this talk and learn about how you can develop F# Windows 8 applications using WebSharper with less code while having more fun!

Literally, you will see truly fun functional programming, including using parser combinators, active patterns, and type providers to bridge between F# and JavaScript to develop cool Windows 8 applications.

Intelligent Evolution
Peter Leeson

Many organizations are trying to change the way things are being done. Depending on the consultant, book or fashion they are following, they try to focus on cutting costs, implementing “lean” or “agile” methodologies, they use products such as “six-sigma”, “CMMI” or “function points”, and somehow never manage to achieve the result they were led to believe could be achieved.

In this presentation, Peter Leeson talks about how to implement change intelligently, using a combination of creativity and engineering practices, but mostly establishing strong leadership and direction which allow everyone in the staff to understand and believe in the change. Change does not mean implementing more tools and theories and templates and documentation and meetings and measurements; change means increasing the level of trust. Trust is not an easy thing to establish (it is an easy thing to lose), but by focusing on the right aspects of the work and the desired change, it is possible in most environments (sorry, not in every environment, there is no single solution that satisfies everyone).

The solution to an efficient and productive organization is not in the certificates or the tools: it lies in the people.

1130 Break 1130
1145 Big Data on Azure. What do I need to know as a developer to make it worthwhile?
Mihai Nadăș

This session is a "getting-started" presentation on developing Big Data applications on Windows Azure. Application scenarios, Hadoop on Azure, tools, and applied data analytics will be covered with a strong focus on the applicability of this still fuzzy technological trend on the day-to-day activities in new and existing projects. If you're a .NET developer that wants to learn how Microsoft looks at Big Data, this is the session to attend.

SPA made breezy
Tiberiu Covaci

Today’s tendency is to move more and more of your application from the server to the client in order to get a better usage of your resources and to increase the responsiveness of the application. One way to do that is to use Single Page Applications (SPAs). But how do you deal with the data on the client side? Luckily there is Breeze.js, a library created to help us be as expressive when we deal with data on the client side, as we are on the server side.

Come to this session to see how easy becomes the task of creating new SPAs when you are using Breeze.js with the MVVM library of your choice.

People, Process, Tools – The Essence of DevOps
Richard Campbell

DevOps is about making software better – by bringing everyone involved in software closer together, including (but not limited to): domain experts, architects, developers, designers, testers, security and operations. This session takes you through the DevOps culture, focusing on people, process and tools (in that order). You’ll learn how to get the conversation started between the teams, how to bring the teams closer together, and how to ultimately become one team (we’re all in this together)! Understanding DevOps is about focusing on what’s important: building and delivering the best software you can.

1245 Lunch 1245
1345 Building your mobile backbone with the Microsoft Application Platform
Ciprian Jichici

Mobile devices are THE story in IT today. Fierce battles, lawsuites, patent wars, big falls, spectacular comebacks, cool tehnology, are just some of the things that make headlines when it comes to mobile devices. Although the shiny phones, tables, phablets (or whatever they are called today) take the center stage and the spotlight, there’s another side of this story. It’s the story of the thing that gives value to all these gadgets: the backend service.

Almost every piece of UI that runs on a mobile device relies ultimately on some kind of backend service. The session is all about the story of how to build these services using the Microsoft Application Platform. I’ll talk about real life experiences of building service backbones for mobile platforms trying to explain how and why the Microsoft Application Platform provded to be the right choice for our projects.

Demystifying Visual Studio 2012 Performance Tools
Martin Kulov

Are you lost which tool to use to diagnose your application? Do you know what command line parameters are required for each one? Do you have troubles finding problems around thread synchronization and garbage collection? What about if VS is not installed on server? Reveal the secrets around intended usage of Visual Studio 2012 performance tools and learn important troubleshooting patterns. If you care about performance this session is for you!

Beyond Software Architecture
Sergiu Damian

Software Architecture is that magical place in the software development world bordering technology, art and politics. Do you have the best technical skills but can’t convince your Project Manager to give you extra time for your prototype? Time pressure does not allow you to design the ideal architecture? Do you have to make critical decisions to lead your project to success in a less than perfect world?

During this session you will get to see my world, how my colleagues and I fought for success, using case studies carefully selected from real projects. This world may well be the same as yours, or not. Going beyond technology, techniques or tools, this session dares to open up for discussion those topics which affect us all and cannot be learned from books or mighty Google.

1445 Break 1445
1500 Messaging Patterns in the Cloud
Radu Vunvulea

In this session we will discover what kind of patterns we can use in combination with Windows Azure. For each pattern we will see in which business scenario can be used with success and what are the advantages of using Windows Azure Service Bus in comparison with other solutions on the market.

Kinect for Windows - Designing Software for Gesture & Voice Controlled User Interfaces
Tim Huckaby

One of the coolest and most exciting things to come out of Microsoft Research in recent years is The Kinect. Originally shipped for the XBOX the Kinect is also available for Windows. And it even has a powerful and use to use SDK and API for .NET. Currently in Version 1.7, it is a programming toolkit that enables NET application developers to build software that is driven by gesture and/or voice.

This session is an intro session to building (Natural User Interface) NUI solutions that will get you over the learning curve and well on your way to building gesture and audio based interfaces. This session will also focus on the design of NUI applications which have to pay particular emphasis on usability and user experience, and it was designed to show you real and futuristic application suites based in NUI whose services and structured storage are aggregated in the cloud and emphasize how they are architected built. And to get you over the learning curve of getting started in building voice and gesture based user experiences.

Driving Your Team Towards Code Quality
Florin Coroș

Bad code is one of the highest prices we pay, as an industry. Sometimes we write bad code without realizing it and when we do the price to clean it up is too high to pay.

In this session I will show how we can discover and apply object oriented design principles by using practices like unit testing, to get to a higher code quality.

1600 Coffee break 1600
1630 3 Clouds For Mobile Devs
Raul Andrișan

More and more often mobile developers are facing the challenge of building a server component to go along with their creation, weather it's a Windows Phone, iOS or Android app.

We will take a journey together through the 3 best bets you as a mobile app developer have in the world of mobile cloud services (, Azure Mobile Services, Custom Built API) to help you choose your favorite one.

MVC - Common pitfalls and how to resolve them
Andrei Ignat

IASA Romania: what’s in it for me?
Tiberiu Covaci - Sorin Stan

Are you a Software Architect, or are you contemplating the possibility of becoming one?

IASA is an organization that helps defining the role of a Software Architect, and helps Software architects to be successful in their job. Come to this session to get an idea about what IASA has to offer and how it can help you achieve you career goals.

1730 Break 1730
1745 Open Panel - Ask Microsoft!
Cătălin Diț - Zoli Herczeg - Sebastian Vîjeu - Petru Jucovschi - Oana Viciu
Moderator: Ionuț Bălan (Mobzine.RO)

The DPE (Development and Platform Evangelism) staff from Microsoft Romania will be attending ITCamp and answering all your questions about their technologies and roadmaps.

1830 End-of-day raffle / Closing words
Mihai Tătăran, Tudor Damian

Private & Public Cloud
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